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5 Tips To Make Your Room Healthier

Believe it or not, keeping the room clean and tidy is not only good for your physical health by avoiding harmful microorganisms, it is also good for your mental well-being.

A bedroom can be contaminated by different elements that can alter our emotions and make us not rest well.

It is necessary to focus on this topic, especially when we need to sleep well and have a pleasant rest, necessary to renew energy and start each morning with strength and motivation.

If you are looking for your room to be a pleasant place to rest, follow the following tips step by step:

1. Avoid electronic devices


Televisions, tablets, computers and mobile phones deteriorate the quality of sleep. We have become used to going to bed with them, when it is a place to go to sleep and rest. Avoid getting into bed with your mobile or computer.

2. Ventilate your room

live without fear

It is vital that the air you are breathing in the room is renewed daily: this  way you will eliminate that stale environment.

  • Get in the habit of opening windows at least 10 minutes a day as soon as you wake up.
  • Clean air will not only produce a refreshing effect, it will also renew the air in the room and thus comfort.

3. Change the sheets weekly

change the sheets

The sheets must be changed at least once a week. With this, you will avoid the accumulation of bacteria, mites, and other germs that threaten health. If possible, wash the entire set of sheets (blankets, duvet, and covers) with hot water and antibacterial soap to more effectively eliminate any trace of microorganisms.

4. Decorate with plants


There are different plants that, in addition to decorating, provide a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

Although plants, in general, are useful for purifying the air, not all of them are suitable for keeping indoors, so stick to one of the following:

  • Lavender: In addition to having an exquisite odor, lavender is used to induce sleep and decrease stress.
  • Jasmine: This exotic plant is specialized in providing a calming and odorizing effect.
  • Bamboo palm: The bamboo palm is perfect for purifying the air and decorating spaces with elegance.
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue: It is ideal for decorating interiors since it withstands strong temperature changes, in addition to resisting the lack of light and watering.
  • Chrysanthemum: Thanks to its beautiful colors, the chrysanthemum is used to purify the air and give a touch of harmony and happiness to the home.
  • Orchid: Known as the youth plant, it has the ability to remove xylene , a narcotic and harmful agent that can be found in small household appliances, from the environment.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a suitable plant and should always be kept at home due to its many properties, it also requires little maintenance.
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