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6 Best Renovation Ideas By Customization Of Interior Doors

A quick, simple and cheap way to renovate your house is by painting the interior doors. It is a simple project that you can do yourself in no time. Here are some tips to customize them to your liking and achieve the best results.

Paint the interior doors blank

Interior doors are elements that help personalize spaces and give it style. Painting them is not a complicated task, however they will achieve a spectacular change throughout the house . It is a fantastic resource to update them without spending a lot of time and money.

If the current finish of your doors is wood, painting them white is a good option, especially for small or dimly-lit homes. White is a color that enhances natural light and visually expands the space.

Full color!

Paint the interior doors yellow if you want to add a touch of joy and vitality to your home . It is a very vital tone and has a great presence. A trick paints only the sheet in yellow and leaves the frame blank, an elegant and bright contrast will be achieved.

Currently the color pink is very popular. Combined with white, it creates a very attractive and bright contrast. The paler tones are perfect to give the atmosphere an air of modernity and also make them the focal points of the room.

Another color that adds color and joy to the rooms is blue. For children’s rooms a light tone will be very good. For other rooms you can choose more intense tones. This color is very suitable for wooden floors.

Dare with geometric designs if you want to give an innovative touch to your home. You can choose to make the door stand out from the rest of the elements, or to blend in with the walls.

Bet on the elegance and personality of dark tones

Interior doors painted in rich, dark tones (graphite gray, blue, petrol, black, bottle green, etc.) add elegance and sophistication to the environment. It is important to have enough natural lighting and wide spaces to avoid suffocating spaces.

Black doors are a risky but very interesting bet, as they add personality and sophistication to the space . The black white binomial is always a good combination.

Tips for painting interior doors

If you are going to renovate the interior doors with paint you have to choose which paint is the most suitable. It is always better to choose quality materials, even if they cost a little more.

Since the doors are exposed to daily use, you should choose strong and durable paint , which is also easy to clean and maintain. The most recommended is to use synthetic enamels or lacquers , although there are also acrylic paints on the market that are suitable for painting doors. Choose products that have good adhesion. It is important before applying the paint to give a primer coat to achieve a better result.

The choice of tools will depend on the surfaces to be treated . For doors with moldings it will be more appropriate to use a brush. On the other hand, if it is smooth, it will be better to use a roller to avoid marks. Choose special foam models to glaze.

The paint gun will be a great help if you want to paint all the doors in the house. It is necessary to keep a distance of 10 to 15 cm so that it does not drip. Scroll it with horizontal strokes with slow, regular movements. To achieve a professional result in the second coat, change the direction of the passes. If you do not want to buy it, you can rent it from a DIY center.

Tricks for a professional finish

To achieve a professional result you must be rigorous with the technique.

  • Stir the paint well and pour a little into a painter tray.
  • Load the roller or brush with little paint to avoid dripping and cross strokes until it reaches the entire surface.
  • Then it passes straight lines avoiding marks.
  • You should coat three thin layers on each side of the door.
  • Paint the frames with a flat brush . First of all put bodybuilder tape on the wall to protect it. Give him two coats of paint.
  • When the door dries, put the hardware, the handle and put it in place.

Customize interior doors

Interior doors are not given the decorative importance they have. If you want to personalize them without having to change them or paint them, decorative vinyl is a good solution . You have many alternatives, from vinyls that cover the entire surface of the door to small designs or messages.

Another solution is to decorate the interior doors is to use washi tape . These colored jealousies are ideal to give a touch of color or customize to your liking. You will find a wide variety of designs for all tastes.

Decorating doors with wallpaper is a good resource to personalize them and give it a new and different look. You can achieve different effects: make the door the focal point of the room or integrate it with the walls as a secret door.

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What do you think of these tips for painting and personalizing interior doors? I hope they help you to renovate your home.

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