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Ventilating the house: why is it important for health?

When we ventilate the house, we allow the air to renew and remove the carbon dioxide that we expel by breathing. How does this benefit our health? In this space we detail it.

Ventilating the house is a custom that our grandparents and grandmothers always mentioned and believed necessary. Although many people think that it is a habit that only serves to eliminate bad odors, the truth is that it has many more benefits.

It is increasingly common for people to smoke indoors. Also, today, most people have jobs that keep them from cleaning the house as often as it used to be. This can cause substances that are harmful to us to accumulate inside.

In fact, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a period of confinement has been established in many countries. This situation has caused everyone to stay indoors or in their room for longer than normal.

Therefore, in this article we want to explain what are the benefits of ventilating the house frequently . We will also discuss how we can do it to be effective.

Why is it important to ventilate the house?

Why is it important to ventilate the house?
Ventilating the house allows to renew the air in the home to improve its quality.

Ventilating our home is more important than we think. As we well know, when we breathe we eliminate carbon dioxide from the body, because it is toxic to the body. This is one of the fundamental pillars.

If we don’t let the air renew, not only does carbon dioxide build-up, but other harmful substances can also build up. For example, tobacco smoke if there are smokers or that generated by cooking.

Similarly, if we have boilers, stoves, or fireplaces lit it is even more important. Although almost all appliances have a communication system with the outside, it is common for part of the gases to accumulate in the environment. This, of course, is detrimental to health.

Meanwhile, when ventilating the house, the air is also charged with oxygen and humidity is regulated . The same goes for bad odors and suspended particles and even dust. When we ventilate, they decrease and the environment improves.

What if there is no good ventilation?

The fact that we do not ventilate correctly can cause health to be affected. First, it increases the risk of allergies and infections. Dust and germs have an easier time accumulating.

In addition, the sun’s rays have also been found to be beneficial, as they kill a large number of microorganisms. Another aspect to take into account is that, by ventilating and balancing the humidity , we prevent mold from proliferating in the room.

How to properly ventilate a place?

How to properly ventilate a place?
If we have a habit of making the bed, we can wait for 10 or 15 minutes after getting up.

The truth is that to correctly ventilate a room, or the whole house, you can follow some very simple tips. It is important to take into account the season of the year, humidity and temperature , as they will help us choose the best time of day to do it.

It is best to create a current throughout the house. That is, if possible, open the windows of all the rooms at once. Usually, about ten to twenty minutes pass is enough to renew the air.

If it is a bedroom, it is recommended to ventilate right after getting up . In addition, if we make the bed, the ideal is to wait until this time has passed so that the sheets are also aired.

During winter, the best time to ventilate is in the morning or midday. Thus, the temperature will not be as cold as at night. In summer it is just the opposite. We must bear in mind that the more people there are in a house, the more time there must be for ventilation .

What we must remember is that it is not good for spaces to remain closed continuously. In fact, if someone smokes, there is a heating system on or when sleeping, it is recommended to ventilate more frequently.

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