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Tricks To Learn How To Hang A Painting

Learn how to hang a painting to make it look perfect in the environment and decorate your house like an expert. Also, We discovered how to hang pictures without drilling holes in the wall.

Do you have a lot of photos that you would like to display somewhere in the house? Or, do you have an empty wall that screams for decoration? Putting pictures on the wall is an excellent option to give color, visual rhythm and complete the home decoration with a more personal or personal touch. There are infinite techniques or recommendations to learn how to hang a painting so that they look good and look like a natural part of the room or environment.

If you are interested in discovering how to hang pictures on the wall so that they are perfect and in harmony with the rest of the objects in the house, then continue reading this article.

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How to hang a painting step by step

Although at first glance, how to hang a painting seems like a very simple task, the reality is that there are some basic rules that must be followed so that the composition of all the elements of an environment is in harmony. 

For example, the choice of colors or sizes of the frames or images is very important so that they are not disproportionate to the objects in the environment, the size of the wall or the room. For that, we recommend that you start with:

Measure and visualize

Delimit the space you have to define more clearly what and how many objects you are going to use for decoration with paintings. For that, you must think about how the distribution of the main furniture affects the composition. How to put pictures on the wall correctly is easier than you think, but it is important to note the following:

  • Leave 5 cm between frame and frame. It is recommended to shorten the distance, the smaller the squares.
  • Put pictures less than 75cm high above eye level.
  • Always place the frames at eye level, so that the images do not deform. I made a point 1.70 m from the ground and put the squares around it.
  • Always place pictures closer to objects than to the ceiling.
  • Cut cardstock out of the box sizes and put them on the wall temporarily to help get a feel for what they would look like.

Choose frames

how to hang a painting

Learning how to hang pictures on the wall is not only about technique, but also aesthetics, so choosing frames is an important part of the equation. Check out these tips below:

  • Of wood. For rustic settings, choose wood in medium or dark tones. If the frame looks worn, it will add points to create a vintage atmosphere. Light tones are recommended to create a Nordic decoration.
  • In white.  If the wall is also white, the role will be for the work, photo, or sheet used. It is also recommended for minimalist environments. If the wall is dark, it will create an elegant contrast.
  • In black.  Delimit what is inside the box. In addition, it adds elegance.
  • With moldings. Add texture to composition and decor.
  • In gold. Give an elegant, glam or classic touch. Try not to abuse or saturate frames of this color in the same composition. 

How to organize pictures on the wall

To add other ideas and resources on how to place pictures on the wall, we recommend you try:

  • Vertical: It will give the feeling that the ceilings are higher.
  • Horizontal: ideal for corridors or on armchairs with more than three seats.
  • Combining frames: you can achieve a dynamic composition. 
  • Maintaining the unity of color:  although the frames or content are varied, try that all are linked by color.
  • Black and white:  you are going to generate a uniformity of tones, it is recommended for when there are many colors or textures in the environment.

These are just a few tips to get you started applying to your walls. Remember to always keep an imaginary line in mind; that is, it will align the squares by their base or by the center. 

How to hang pictures without making holes

If you want to hang pictures in a practical way and without filling the wall with holes, there are some products that can help you learn how to hang pictures without drilling the wall.

  • Adhesive hooks : these hooks are attached to the wall and are used to hang pictures by means of a rope that will be hung on the hook.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape : it is an adhesive tape that sticks on both sides. They are glued to the area of ​​the wall where you want to hang the painting, and then the painting is put on the adhesive strip. It is important to find out how much our frames weigh and how long the tape resists. They are great if you are looking for how to hang a frameless picture.
  • Shelves : You can support the paintings on existing shelves or add a shelf and support all the paintings on it. It is a different way of decorating and avoiding making holes in different parts of the wall.
  • Hangs easy : they are nails with a plastic support, with a simple hammer they are already attached to the wall. They support several kilos, it can be used for large and heavy frames.

With these tricks that we gave you, we hope that you will be encouraged to give a different touch to your home, using the wide variety of paintings that exist on the market. 

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